Homecoming Parade Canceled
Due to the rain predicted, Saturday’s Homecoming Parade has been canceled. The 5K and 1-mile Fun Run will still begin at 6 a.m. on Saturday. The Panther Den and tailgate experience will still take place on Saturday beginning at 12 p.m. outside of the Jonas T. Kennedy Health and Wellness Complex. All indoor activities on Saturday will still occur as scheduled. Homecoming Schedule of Events »
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Five Elements Row


The Five Elements row was specifically designed to highlight Claflin's Five Elements of Visionary Leadership.

This component is designed to be used in the Components content area of the templates.

Adding and Editing

  1. Add a Content block widget to the Components content area
  2. At the bottom of the content block editor, select the HTML option
  3. Copy and paste the code template below into the editor
    <section class="row numbers"> 
      <div class="item">
        <div class="number">01</div>
        <div class="title">[title 1]</div>
        <div class="desc">[description 1]</div>    

      <div class="item">
        <div class="number">02</div>
        <div class="title">[title 2]</div>
        <div class="desc">[description 2]</div>    

      <div class="item">
        <div class="number">03</div>
        <div class="title">[title 3]</div>
        <div class="desc">[description 3]</div>    

      <div class="item">
        <div class="number">04</div>
        <div class="title">[title 4]</div>
        <div class="desc">[description 4]</div>    

      <div class="item">
        <div class="number">05</div>
        <div class="title">[title 5]</div>
        <div class="desc">[description 5]</div>    
  4. Click the Design option to switch back to the Design editor
  5. Replace/remove the content as necessary


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Envision innovative solutions and possess knowledge and skills that can bring about change
Master complex concepts and skill sets, conduct original research, and integrate principles from a diverse range of ideas.
Develop foresight, resourcefulness, and innovative problem-solving.
Maintain a strong commitment to the community, both locally and globally, with a desire to improve the human condition and serve others.
Become an agent of change by learning strategies to truly make an impact in the world.
Support the next generation of Claflin Leaders
Your support provides educational enrichment through student scholarships, loan funds, instructional classroom equipment, preparing Claflin's students to be leaders of the future.